Support across sectors

At Jameson Boyce Partners we are industry agnostic, benefitting from a broad range of relationships and deep expertise across numerous industry sectors. Through those relationships, we are able to bring the right parties together in order to successfully connect key players in order to execute and close the most complex of investment opportunities and transactions.

Our broad and versatile experience lends itself to the entire market, with a particular bias towards cross border investment, foreign direct investment, key engagement with governments and agencies on policy, clearances, and approvals and supporting clients on the financing and structuring or restructuring of their transactions.

A particular focus on Opportunities across Asia and with Japan

Pan Asian Opportunities

While working across all borders, our team also provides clients with a unique depth of expertise in dealings across Asia and with businesses, institutions, corporations and governments within Asia, and multilaterally with Australia across the region.


Over and above our focus on Pan-Asian opportunities, we also have a particular strength, history and track record in Japan and engagement with Japan and advising on related investment opportunities and strategies. While we cover both coasts of Australia from Perth and Sydney, our Japan and Pan-Asian focus is enhanced through our presence in Tokyo.

There are few teams in the market that have the track record, acumen, insight and connections that our Japan team enjoy. We cleverly combine language fluency with genuine business fluency – an appreciation and real understanding of how business and the market works. Our experience and expertise is enhanced by the strength of our government connections, our understanding of and involvement in policy matters relevant to the bilateral relationship and our track record of transaction execution, management and completion across a range of sectors. In short, we know how to effectively engage, what works and what does not and what it takes to get deals done. We understand the policy background and policy direction relevant to the bilateral relationship and the value of working with Japan as a trusted partner and commercial friend.

Snapshot of our team’s experience

Corporate Advisory

We have supported clients across the board – from market entry, to bespoke investment strategies, to medium to large scale national, regional and global mergers and acquisitions, including extensive support in connection with private equity transactions, shareholder activism, corporate governance and engagement with regulators.

Financial Institutions & Financial Services

In this broad sector we have worked with and for all of the major players – from investment and trading banks, building societies, credit unions and non-bank lenders to funds, fund managers, hedge counterparties and trustee companies. We have acted across a range of transactions for these organisations, including bank debt bilateral, club and syndicated deals, structured and securitised products, complex investments and divestments and distressed restructurings and insolvencies. We also have a long history of supporting borrowers, developers and project participants on their structured financing, leveraged financing and project financing requirements.


We have worked extensively with government on bilateral and multilateral trade and investment policy initiatives and legislative changes as well as having a long history of supporting clients with their foreign investment approvals from the Treasurer (and FIRB), including supporting foreign governments and their agencies gain such approvals and developing strategies to secure the same.

Oil & Gas

We have supported clients right across the value chain and provided advice on strategy, obtained clearances and approvals from upstream, mid-stream to down stream, including working on incorporated and unincorporated ownership structures. Our experience includes work on the region’s largest and most complex LNG projects, including the equity, financing and project financing of those projects.

Mining & Mining Services

We have particular strength in supporting some of the largest participants in the global market across a range of minerals, joint venture structures, investments and divestments, particularly in the iron ore, coal, potash, mineral sands, lithium and gold sectors.

Infrastructure & Transportation

We have assisted project developers and consortia on large scale infrastructure and transportation development across the mining, oil and gas and port facilities sectors, assessing feasibility and bankability, supporting on strategy and approvals and documenting the deals.

Real Estate, Construction & Development

We have a deep book of knowledge and experience across these sub-sectors. Our clients have included REITs, construction companies and property developers spanning commercial, industrial and residential property across Australia and internationally.


We have advised on some of the region’s largest acquisitions in the mobile phone sector, to cloud computing technology in the projects and construction industry to extensive advice, support and strategic guidance in connection with cyber-security. In addition, we have reviewed and assessed opportunities in the high tech and green tech sectors, especially as relevant to lithium, electric vehicles and ESS systems.